on the precipice: five things i love

photo (28) Pregnancy fills the space in my days just as this little fig fills the space in my belly. It is so all consuming, so constant and ballooning.


Below is a list of five things I love about being pregnant (because heaven knows there are a fair share of things I don't love. The sneeze-pee, anyone?) I love...


1. My changing body. I look in the mirror before I get into the shower and awe at how alien it looks. So weird and wonderful in its earthy, curvy presentation. There is no expectation to look any way but this way, and that is freedom.


2. Feeling little fig kicks. This morning he kicked so fierce I saw my belly bounce.


3. How pregnancy stirs up the sediment. All those emotional fragments that have rested, unaddressed, float to the surface. It seems to be the body's way of purging the dross. For baby's sake. And mine, too.


4. Being part of something primal and feeling so utterly elemental. My body knows, as only a woman's body does, how to create new life. I feel as foundational as stone and fire.


5. Becoming part of a community of women who have traversed this trail before me--my mother, my grandmother, my girlfriends--and learning from them how to navigate these maternal dips and peaks.


If you are a mother or on the precipice of becoming one, what do you love about your experience?