How to Enjoy Bi-Bim-Bap' and Other Adventures on Asiana Airlines

Hello, SoKo (South Korea for all you non-ghetto folk), thank you for having me. This afternoon I boarded Asiana Airlines from the Seattle Tacoma airport. I had high hopes for Asiana after browsing their website. "Flying with Asiana Airlines will give you indefinite pleasure. Feel a rest on the sky with various movies, music, and games of your preferences." Yes, I'm always game for indefinite pleasure, and resting on the sky sounds like fun. Truly, it was one of the best flight experiences I've ever had for the following reasons:

1. Ample leg room (especially important for my 5'3" gazelle like frame)

2. Impossibly friendly flight attendants

3. The warm wash cloth rolled and placed gently in your hand by tong wielding, impossibly friendly flight attendants

4. Gift bags. Sort of like the kind they give away at the Oscars except instead of an iphone and a gift card to Saks, I got a travel toothbrush and synthetic socks

5. Approximately one gazillion movies and music stations to choose from on my personal (!) video screen including Enchanted featuring the previously mentioned Patrick "McDreamy" Dempsey

6. I was asked to fill out a survey of my experience and for my troubles was given a deck of Asiana playing cards which will be useful for winning friends and influencing people in my new home

7. The food was seriously good...and explanatory. I ordered the traditional bi-bim-bap which is an assortment of vegetables mixed with rice, sesame oil, and red pepper paste. The happy consumer (me) is responsible for mixing the vegetables, rice, sesame oil, and red pepper paste together. As this sort of responsibility can be intimidating for beginning bi-bim-bap eaters, the meal came with a how-to guide offering helpful tips on creating the "greatest harmony" of flavors

Aside from a little stomach churning turbulence about 7 hours into the flight, it was an indefinitely pleasurable way to begin my trip to Korea.