Lions, And Tigers, And Bears, Oh My!

Last week we took the kidlets to the zoo. We slathered on the sunscreen, climbed on the big red bus, and drove 30 minutes to the home of the beloved INSECTS! and DOLPHINS! and EMUS! (yep. emus.) I loved field trips as a child and was just as excited as my students to hang out with the crew from Noah's ark. I'm happy to report that although it isn't quite as carefree being the teacher on such excursions, my love of field trips is still firmly intact. Here are just a few pictures from the afternoon:

This is one of the darlings of KCU Creativity School. If I could stick her in my pocket and take her home, I would. Please don't call CPS on me.

And maybe this one could fit in the side pocket of my suitcase?

Here I am with some of my kindergarten students. Some of us are trying to stretch our necks out like giraffes. Others of us are just grumpy.

The real deal giraffes who inspired the picture above.