One Eternal Round

Seoul has no qualms about marrying the old and the new--no fear in pairing the traditional with the techno modern. For example, this weekend I discovered this beautiful Korean bell tower in the heart of Seoul, flanked by none other than two sleek, metallic high rises. I like this generational mix; it's a reminder that our past and future are ever present...that they play off of each other in some crazy cosmic way. This is something I've been feeling quite deeply for the last month. I experience moments of dreamlike detachment...almost as if I'm watching my future self move through this foreign landscape. But more often than not, I experience bursts of eery familiarity. For example, almost every day I have rushes of memories about my paternal grandmother and the Saturday afternoons we would spend together in Oregon when I was a little girl. One smell or one sight will trigger a vivid memory of that time and space. I have absolutely no historical connection with Korea, so I'm curious as to why I often experience it like I would an old friend. I believe that the spaces we occupy can hold tremendous power; if nothing else, these feelings are a manifestation to me that for now, Korea is home.