All That Glitters

Sometimes we use confetti in art class. It is like gold. My students will spend 10 minutes after class is over sliding around on the floor, scrambling for all of the little pieces that have fallen from the table and then stuffing them into their pockets. They will miss SNACK TIME! in the single-minded pursuit of confetti hoarding and believe you me, these pieces of cheap glitter have sparked more than one out and out kindergarten brawl. Inevitably, there were pieces of confetti on the floor today. After art class, my little student K went back to his homeroom complaining that his nose hurt. After some investigation, his homeroom teacher located the culprit of pain as she gingerly removed a piece of confetti that was lodged up his nostril. "K, why is this in your nose?" With some more prodding he confessed. It turns out he was so paranoid of losing his little piece of confetti that he stuck it up his nose. You know, just for safe keeping.