Province of the Brave

There is this great song by TV on the Radio called Province [of the Brave]. They're referring to love, of course. Of course. At the risk of getting too personal, I want to honestly share my feelings about embracing love in my life at this point. After all, this blog is really about facing fears, conquering the black unknown, and other fun adventures. I decided today as I was writing an email to my best friend that getting swept off of your feet is its own magic but also a bit terrifying because you risk falling and breaking your heart. Can I get a holla' back on this? Opening up, being vulnerable, being patient, moving forward even though you know pain could/will be involved--these are hard hard things. And I come from a place of serious walls...big ol' bricks surrounding my heart. Heavy. I like my bricks--they protect me. And now I'm being asked to smash them up. Not put them away for another day but full on smash them up. So I move forward, sledgehammer in hand, with the process of being courageous. In the end it's really the only way to live here in this province of the brave.