I believe we're all in this process of unveiling some deeper, more authentic self and that life continuously gives us opportunities to connect with a divine, knowing interior. And this is why the universe is so unbelievably merciful: pulling for us, supporting us, encouraging us to connect. The process of unveiling is really the work of becoming. I'm a big fan of this word 'becoming'. It's hopeful, kinetic, and eternal. My recent headlong dive into love has proven itself to be a significant milepost in my own experience of becoming. As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of my greatest fears is to be unloved, and so I don't often open myself up to romantic possibility. But with Nathan, I did. I presented my vulnerabilities and true to form, the universe reciprocated with absolute compassion. I was face to face with my greatest fear--to love without return--and I emerged untouched by bitterness or despair. Instead, I was marked with overwhelming gratitude and peace. As it unfolded, I recognized this encounter as something profoundly spiritual...that God had sent me this fear so that I could face it and then conquer it. And in His mercy he sent someone gentle and kind to help me with the conquering (thank you, Nathan). And so I continue this walk with a greater sense of self and a spaciousness that can only be described as a heart open to love.