The Spirit, The Art, and The Waltz

Yes, I know. I'm a postin' fool lately. I think it's because I discovered my camera. And how to be kind of artsy with it. (The secret? Tilt the camera. Just tilt it. Artsy. Done and done.) I had a lovely Saturday--one of the best days in Korea, yet. Morning=visit to the LDS Temple. Noon=stomach happy lunch and soul happy conversation with my friend Lia followed by a 4 hour (!) stroll through the Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art. Evening=dinner with my lovely friend Dai in Itaewon and a fabulous dance party wherein I learned a Grease Lightening routine, Jill danced the waltz, and KaRyn sang a rendition of Summertime so gorgeous I couldn't breath for a few minutes afterward. I kid not.



Leeum museum stairwell top down

Donald Judd Untitled. Other big names in the collection: Warhol, Twombly, Giocometti, Rothko, Hirst, Barney, Richter. If you're wondering, the answer is "yes, my head exploded".

Leeum Museum stairwell bottom up

Lia and I were reprimanded three times by museum security for trying to covertly take pictures of the art. Finally, we decided to take matters into our own hands and shot one of the guards with a tranquilizer gun. Problem solved.


Itaewon: Little America