A Paean To My Khaki Pants

Recently, a couple of my friends prodded me ever so gently about my affinity for khaki pants. Ok, I get that they're not hip, hipster or even remotely close to anything with the word 'hip' in it. In fact, when said friends and I were in Japan a couple of months ago we made up a song about my pants with the genius lyrics: "Ooooo, I have fashion anxiety. I'm living in a khaki shadow, Oooooo." I know, right?

Well, (and here is full disclosure) sometimes I feel bad for inanimate objects. I have been known to rotate my gel pens so that they get equal use...you know, so red gel pen 0.5 doesn't feel neglected due to my fondness for blue gel pen 0.7. My khakis are not immune to such neurosis. In an effort to repair any damage that may have been caused by my anti-khakite song, I would like to publicly honor those beloved pants. Thank you pants for surviving--no prevailing--amidst an onslaught of paint, playdough, glue, juice, snot, and ink stains. Thank you pants for tirelessly covering my bottom-half day after day after day when perhaps you would have much preferred a restful weekend in the hamper. Thank you pants for being worn at the knees, frayed at the cuffs, deliciously soft, and loose enough around the waist to merit another helping of Hagan Daaz pistachio ice cream. And lest we forget, thank you khaki pants for being so timeless as to inspire some of the coolest GAP ads ever.

p.s. I will be offended if no one comments on an entry dedicated to such weighty and socially relevant topics as khaki pants