Winding Down From The Charms Of The W (The Hotel, Not The Incumbent)

Yes, I was utterly charmed by the W this weekend (and no, I am not referring to an illicit rendezvous with George W for those of you who were hoping. Jon.) In honor of KaRyn's birthday we ventured beyond the city-center to Mt. Acha for a weekend at the swankiest pants hotel I have ever seen outside of Ocean's 11. KaRyn, ever the sophisticate, was a swirl of suave and grace as we checked in. I, on the other hand, was slightly less composed as I tugged on her sleeve with exclamations of "KaRyn, Lookie! Shiny! SHINY!" After a brief check in, we were led up to the sixth floor by Very Handsome Bell Boy (V.H.B.B.) to our Wonderful Botanical room. And true to its namesake it was so very wonderful and so very botanical. Once V.H.B.B. was out of ear shot KaRyn and I giggled and jumped around with the kind of excitement usually reserved for Christmas morning and Barack Obama campaigns. The floor to ceiling windows overlooking the mountain! The monstrous, fluffy bed shouting its siren call! The rainforest shower head! The citrus scented toiletries, oh the citrus scented toiletries! It was sensory overload for a girl who, when traveling, happily settles into the nearest Motel 6 with a bag of Cheetos from the vending machine down the hall.

KaRyn in the fabulous W elevator

The exertion required for this sort of unbridled glee was just exhausting, as you can imagine. So we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon in the spa. For three hours we soaked and steamed and lounged until we were prunes--lovely, white waygookan* prunes. *Waygookan is the Korean word for 'foreigner'.

Krisanne before the spa/Krisanne after the spa

That evening Jill and a few more of KaRyn's closest friends met us at the W for dessert in the hotel's restaurant/lounge. We each ordered our respective items (macadamia nut cheesecake, hot chocolate with churros, apple crumble with cinnamon ice cream, etc. glorious etc.) and then opened it up true Korean family style, giving everyone the opportunity to taste each dessert and by so doing indulge in as many calories as humanly possible in one sitting. And meanwhile we talked and laughed and celebrated our beautiful friend's birthday.

Sampling the sin

No 5 star hotel is complete without a giant Jenga tower

Around 12:30 am, stuffed to the brim with happy moments and happy food, I fell into bed only to experience the best sleep I've had in months. The room, the V.H.B.B., the spa, the dessert, the celestial bedding: W, with your endless charms, I think you may have ruined me for all others.