It's All Matthew Fox's Fault

Oh dear blog how I've lost interest in you. And when we had such a good thing going. Seeing as I believe love is a choice, I'm choosing now to invest some time in you--a sincere and stalwart effort to rekindle my desire. To do this, I need to come clean with my readers regarding a newly minted passion. A well meaning friend, ignorant to my crystal meth addiction to TV on DVD (rivaled only by my addiction to the Diet Coke), recently loaned me the complete first season of Lost. I have been enmeshed in the complex social dynamics of superlatively hot castaways trapped on a mysterious island. So, when I am given the choice of spending my evenings 1. blogging my interior life for the devoted readership of family and friends or 2. watching Matthew Fox walk around bemused and topless I make the generous and grounded choice. Matthew, come to mama.

Can you blame me, though? Really? If the answer is yes, you should spend a few more minutes gazing at those gentle brown eyes and Colgate smile. If you are a straight man, please scroll down for my other very convincing argument.

Oh yes, the Evangeline factor. But let me be clear should you assume that all it takes for me is a half-beard and washboard abs--the premise of Lost is provocative and surprisingly insightful. It's about the way our lives unfold not so much as a matter of wild fate but as a matter of personal agency. Whether we live in a space of hope or a space of fear is entirely up to us. So, amidst all of the chiseled 'n tanned good looks exists some real honest-to-goodness depth. And this is how I justify neglecting my blog for jungle dwelling surgeons who may or may not be the subject of my future-husband fantasies.*

* Future-husband fantasies, see also Matthew Fox. def: Daydreams in which Krisanne imagines mundane but nevertheless delightful scenarios wherein future husband is endlessly agreeable and inexplicably psychic. E.g. Oh, what is that Matthew? Front row tickets to the Bon Iver concert? How did you know that was all I ever wanted in life? Come here for a kiss my little island monkey!