Where I Spend My Time (when i'm not enslaved by the crack cocaine that is gchat)

The writing well has run dry with nary an explanation. Wordless as I am, what I can do is offer some pictures.

This is the art room--where big magic and small disasters happen in equal measure:

Our art rules board (which, I'm now realizing, does not include a warning against storing small pieces of confetti in one's nasal passage). Also, our Muppet family tree poster where Jim Henson reigns as Big Daddy:

The traditional Korean masks my students painted at the beginning of the year. These will be displayed in our January art show:

And finally the bulletin board outside of the art room. We just finished learning about Indian Peepal Leaf Painting. My students made their own clay leaves that they painted Peepal Leaf style which will also be included in the art show:

And there you have it folks--my little home away from home away from home.