When The Weather Outside Is BLURG

Oooohhh, it's cold in Korea. I know this because everything is numb. I come inside and take inventory to make sure I return home with all parts in place: toes (check), fingers (check), tip of nose (check), earlobes (check) and so on and so forth. I know it's cold because I get the glazed over, slightly autistic look in my eye--a look that tells the world I am not interested in engaging with you unless there is a space heater and faux fur blanket involved. I know it's cold because my casual and unassuming spring/summer/fall stride turns into a cut throat turbo walk, making my normally happy-go-lucky legs look aggressive and anal and maybe a little too much like they're running for president.

Today, for example, was an audacious -9 degrees Celsius/15 degrees Fahrenheit. Personally, I think Fahrenheit has no business being 15 degrees. He is happiest at 70-80. Content but slightly perturbed at 60. Growing increasingly cantankerous at 50. And finally the drunk little league dad at 40 and below. I am not friends with 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Indeed, I am not.

Because it is so cold and because I am environmentally aware and/or cheap, I do not turn on my heat. I figure there is enough hot air from the surrounding apartments to keep me warm-ish in the evenings. At bedtime, however, I have to suit up for the Big Chill. My suit includes the following:

wool hat
wool scarf
fuzzy socks
pajama pants
long skirt to wear atop said pajama pants
tank top
long sleeve shirt
fleece jacket

Yes, it's true. I become an homage to Randy from The Christmas Story

Sigh. So I hold out for a few more months and content myself with being the fast walking Randy look-alike for a little while...at least until Spring produces a happier, gentler Fahrenheit to befriend.