Brain Callouses, Baby. Them Things Is Gettin' Me Down.

Brother: Why don't you ever write on your blog anymore?

Me: I dunno. I'm really busy. I don't feel like I have anything interesting to write. Korea just feels like normal life.

Brother: Maybe you should exfoliate.

Me: What?

Brother: Exfoliate. It's something this girl told me about. It's a way to get clean in the shower.

Me: Bemused silence. Have you been drinking?

As liquored up as fully sober 20-Year-Old-Brother sounds, he may be onto something. Maybe I need some mental exfoliation. Slough off those brain callouses to reveal that layer of baby soft creativity cells waiting for their Green Light! Go! But how does one go about mental exfoliation? Hmmm...I could:

* Start meditating again as a means of centering myself and/or channeling Sandra Cisneros. Sandra, are you there? Sandra?

*Try to be more present instead of always jumping to the next item on my To-Do/Doing/Ta-Da! List. Easy stuff like walking slower. Looking around. Running my fingers along the sides of rock walls, plastic tables, the bottom edge of my wool coat.

*Breath (No seriously, sometimes I catch myself holding my breath. I know.). This one is also good for staying alive in general.

*Do some stream of consciousness writing to unlock hooded/hand-cuffed neurons held captive in the Guantanamo Bay of my brain. We need to get some creative and potentially explosive liberation up in here.

* Release myself of expectations. Blog posts don't always have to be a verbal paella of bon mots and spiritual musings. Sometimes they can just be day old pizza which--I think we can all agree--is pretty damn good.

Do you have any ideas for mining my rough and rocky brain? Please send them my way. If not, the least you can do is mail me a loofah.