Susurrus Season

The cherry blossom trees outside of my apartment complex

I learned a new word today. Susurrus. It means "a whispering or a rustling sound. A murmur." I've decided this is susurrus season in Korea. Maybe because it's cherry blossom season and warm windy season which equates to all kinds of magic. I looked outside of my window a few days ago, and it was snowing. Pink taffy petals swirling and floating up and down, traveling on waves of air the way a whisper might move from mouth to ear. I walked home from work today and a grandma and her granddaughter were playing a clapping game at the crosswalk. I remember. "Say say oh playmate, come out and play with me, and bring your dollies three, climb up my apple tree...". From where I was standing I could hear just a snippet of their song and the rustle of a memory stirring somewhere inside of me. And all the while, the skies were muted and overcast and scratchy Korean radio murmured in its own muted, grey susurrus tones.