Japan I Am

For the last two weeks I've been floating on a fat and silky Japanese cloud--a cloud stuffed with memories of apple mochi and manga and stone foxes and orange Shinto shrines. A cloud heavy with memories of Hayao Miyazaki films and friendly turtles and fluffy subway seats and sweet, sticky eel. Japan, shame on you. You've made me resent my nationality (I'm fully convinced that I'm a Japanese woman trapped in a Caucasian woman's body. Oh the injustice!). The only way I can even give you a glimpse of what Japan means to me without veering into the schmaltzy (is it too late?) is to offer you the view through my camera. I hope you see!


*Image courtesy of the Library of Congress. Check it out. Some beautiful Ukiyo-e prints! http://www.loc.gov/exhibits/ukiyo-e/intro.html