My friend Geoffrey coined this term, and I've grown so fond of it that everything done in Mexico now sports the very versatile 'mexi' prefix. Adding 'Mexi' to words has a way of making the mundane ridiculously cool. Plain Jane outfits worn in Mexico become smokin' hot Mexifits! Four word texts sent from Mexico are read as nuanced and profound Mexitexts! Even Pepsi--which I quite enjoy anyway--is renamed Mexipeps and delivers a solid punch of caffeinated ecstasy.

I not only love 'Mexi'. I love Mexico.

Yesterday, we went to the National Palace in Mexico City and saw some stunning murals by Diego Rivera. I can see why Frida thought he was Mexisexy. Who doesn't love a socially conscience, impassioned artist?

Afterwards, we saw some Aztec ruins that may have been even more stunning than Diego's paintings. Sorry, Diego.

We climbed to the top of the sun pyramid! Can you find me? (Trick question! I'm the one taking the picture.)

This afternoon we floated on the water in brightly festooned canal boats.

I learned a very important phrase: Mi puede dar una coca cola?

The boats even had mariachis.

Mariachis, coca cola, and boats? Sigh.

So far this trip is Mexitastic.