Every Body Has A Story To Tell

I like this idea that emotion and memory are held in our bodies--that there exists this mysterious connection between the corporeal and the spiritual. Ambitious about blog writing today, I decided to compose some "poems". I say "poems" because I've never written poetry before, so here we go!

I. Everybody Has A Story to Tell
has a story to tell.
I went to see an astrologist in Mexico.
She told me
my story is kept by the stars.
I say
my story is kept by my cells.
I imagine my cells cradling memories
Little envelopes of information.
(tucked inside the nucleus)
And so my body is a grand corporeal database.
Or a nursery
fleshy and blue.
I turn my arms over to watch the freeways and turnpikes that web through my wrists
a causeway for these memory cells to carry their knowing from shoulder
to elbow
to finger.

II. Reincarnation
My friend Barbara told me
a person will
when she massages their back.
These must be the dying cells
(the ones who are weary from carrying the weight of pained memory)
making their great escape from the body.
Wrapped and serene.
in a

III. Blue Electric Tongue Kiss
The cells in my lips flirt and twirl
more than other cells in my body.
They are the keepers of mouth memories
the tart spark of key lime pie
the neon confession
the flick and sizzle of
the blue electric tongue kiss.

The cells in my shoulder blades are glacial
breathing out their memories of
and early morning stretch.
Their slow morph stitches out a memory
You put your hand on my shoulder blade
guiding two bodies through the thick
that quiet way
we both
weaved through the light and flash.

If you pressed your ear
to my bottom lip
to my shoulder blade
would you hear my cells breath out their memory of you?