Foxy Brown And Her Radiant Heart

(l-r) Me, Mom, Great-Grandma, Grandma, Autumn colored afghan

My family and I drove to Rupert, Idaho this week to visit my great-grandma. One afternoon during our visit, we went to the Minidoka County Museum and dug through their archives. In our digging, we unearthed one of my grandma's old high school yearbooks. What a find! There were several pictures of grandma and boy was she a knock out! I'm going to start calling her Foxy Brown.

Is it any wonder she was such a beauty? Look at her mother (hereafter known as Foxy Brown Two).

Grandma Two in her 30's

Oh, these grandmas of mine are beautiful. No doubt about it. But what I love so much is how dismissive they've always been of their beauty, how invested they've been in cradling the vulnerable, gesturing compassion, and wearing tenderness on their sleeve. Those faces, as gorgeous as they are, don't dare compete with those radiant hearts.