The time for expansion has arrived! I'm starting two new blog projects in addition to Bottari. The first project is called The Alderwood Triptych. It will be a blog dedicated to seeking out the spiritual histories of my paternal, maternal, and step grandmothers who are Catholic, Mormon, and Jewish respectively. Each month I will explore a theme (ritual, family, prayer, etc.) in relation to each grandmother's spiritual culture and experiences. Beginning this Sunday, I will dedicate one post to each grandmother throughout the month. It will be a melding of social history and personal experience.

The other project I'm starting is titled A Paper Moth. As a writer and an art historian, it goes without saying that I love art, and I love words. Most of the art related writing I've done is in school. Unfortunately, art historical writing can feel detached and mind-numbingly academic for many readers (I'm a nerd, and I love academia but I challenge anyone to get through my Master's dissertation without falling asleep). Here is where I tuck academia away and write the poetry of art. I want to transpose into words the themes and visions that a particular work of art evokes. On A Paper Moth, I will post a work of art that strikes me and write a short paragraph based solely on my emotional response to it. There is no analytical brain work to my writing on this blog, just heart.

You can access both blogs by following the links beneath Other Places I Write on the sidebar.

The goal of this expansion is to keep me writing, staying present, breathing in my life and exhaling something creative and meaningful. Bottari will remain a record of my comings and goings whereas The Alderwood Triptych and A Paper Moth will be more artistic, interactive projects.

Oh, and if the great spirit of blogging camaraderie moves you, follow its heed and comment. Please comment on any of my blogs! I love your feedback always, always.