When Genocide Wins The Popular Vote

As I was driving home this afternoon, a reporter came onto NPR to talk about the anti-homosexuality bill that's currently being considered in Uganda.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Life in jail for being caught in a homosexual encounter? The death penalty for "serial offenders"? Three years in jail if you fail to report that your best friend or son is homosexual? The most offensive part of it all: When the bill was proposed it was hugely popular among Ugandans. It was POPULAR.

How is it that we're living in a world in which genocide wins the popular vote? I want to believe that people are good. Desperately, I do. But how do I reconcile such broken and poisonous information with those kinds of hopes?

I am acutely aware that atrocities happen the world over. I'm not so naive as to be surprised by disgraceful behavior. And yet, I am surprised. So surprised that my heart burst open into a million pieces all over the floor of my car.

God help us.