And she's off! You didn't really think that this restless spirit of mine could kick around anywhere for more than a few months did you? Predictably, I am making yet another leap to a far off local. Would you like to venture a guess?

Japan? Switzerland? Abu Dhabi?

No, no, and no!

I am moving to...

wait for it...

Provo, Utah!

That's right, I'm returning the motherland--home of my birth, the ever fabulous Brigham Young University (go cougs!) and legions of Glenn Beck supporters (I think my relentlessly liberal heart just died a little inside). Oh, and Provo boasts the most stunning sky scape I've ever seen.

Why Provo? Well, unlike Portland, a city saturated with over educated, underemployed 30 somethings like myself, Utah is in need of us artsy types. With a growing contemporary art scene, they're excited to have a museum educator entering the community, and I'm happy to comply.

Provo also houses my dear friend KaRyn who is going to grad school at the Y--she who shared her heart and many an Outback Steakhouse booth with me in Korea. I'll be living with that wonderful woman; I know they say never room with your closest friends, but I'm prepared to clock that advice in the nose. I envision lots of fabulous parties and tireless over analysis of our romantic lives.

Which brings me to perhaps the biggest reason I'm moving to Provo (what are blogs for but to act as a forum for shameless self exposure?). I'm going to see about a boy. He has existed in the ether for far too long and needs to exist in my real time. He has curly hair, impeccable taste in music and will annihilate you in anagrams. For this reason alone, moving to Provo is a far braver step for me than any jaunt off to England, Korea or Mexico. Let's give three cheers for doing the courageous things in life.