Filled To The Brim With The Holy Spirit Of Utah

Oh my, it's been awhile hasn't it? Please forgive me for neglecting my little piece of internet. It seems I've been reveling so much in the simple pleasures of Provo (specifically the one involving a certain curly haired boy*) that I haven't dedicated much time to my writing. And...well...I'm still getting settled, still finding a beat and rhythm to my days. I think once I have full time work I will be far less inclined to spend 3 hours a day dancing to Michael Jackson in front of my mirror and will instead spend my evenings being an enthusiastic and stalwart blogger.

*Curly haired boy admonishing me to stop dancing and start blogging.

My brother Matthew came out to Provo this last week to celebrate Thanksgiving with me. He's studying film making in Colorado, and is the most unpretentious hipster you'll ever meet.

This is what an unpretentious hipster looks like.

To my delight, Matt made the generous decision to spend the holidays with his nice but unarguably dorkier older sister. He made three apt observations about Utah:

1. "I've never seen so many beautiful women in one place."

Matt's incredulity after seeing Utah's abundance of beautiful women.

2."I've never observed so much male sexual repression in my life. It's dripping off of the men here."

Matt's incredulity after observing the level of sexual repression in Utah.

3. "This place is hella' holy."

Matt filled with the Holy Spirit of Utah.

Sexual repression aside, Matt, myself, and Co. had a great week adventuring through Happy Valley and beyond.

We enthusiastically cut pineapple for our Thanksgiving fruit salad.

We felt proud of our green bean concoction.

We embraced our apron clad domesticity.

We ate ourselves into a food coma.

We reflected in front of the reflecting pool.

We paid homage to the Japanese nativity at Temple Square.

All in all, we had some seriously happy times kickin' it in P-town together (The other P-town).

Come back soon, Matt!

P.S. Can't get enough? More Thanksgiving week pictures here: