A Schedule! With A Smile! Hello World!

It has been proven time and again that I don't do well without a schedule. With ample amounts of free time (as I'm loathe to confront these days) I do not, in fact, start my own non-profit organization dedicated to micro lending nor do I knit afghans for crippled mothers in Bosnia. No, instead I wear my pajamas until 3 pm and eat Grapenuts and Cheetos for lunch. To be fair, I do have some part time work which keeps me actively glued to the computer for a good portion of the day (while still honoring my penchant for 24 hour pajama pants and an all-carb diet). I also feel compelled to say that I do do some volunteer work lest you think I'm a total lump. I think perhaps I should carve out a schedule right here, online, of which the cyber community can bear witness. That way I'm accountable and can be motivated by good old fashioned guilt and peer pressure. My dream-but-soon-to-become-a-reality-schedule is as follows:

6:30 am Rise and shine! With a smile! Hello world!

7:00 am Exercise (I will go for a run With a smile! Hello world! or I will go hang out at the crusty gym near Provo High School With a smile! Hello world!)

8:00 am Meditate (Oooohhhmmmmm)

8:15 am Shower (Aaaaaaahhhhhhh)

9:00 am-1:00 pm Work (For the love, try to consume something healthy during this stretch of time)

1:00 pm-8:00 pm Write! Read! Run errands! Visit a friend! Make a friend! Knit an afghan! Learn about micro lending! Eat a well balanced meal!

8:00 pm Track down curly haired boy and engage in one or more of the following activities:

*Watch a movie
*Listen to records
*Gossip (of the non-malicious variety)
*Kiss (of the non-french variety)
*Dance (I have to go solo on this one since curly haired boy refuses)
*Wrestle (This is what happens in my wrath when curly haired boy refuses to dance with me)

11:30 pm Bedtime. Good-bye World!

11:30-6:30 pm Enjoy pleasant dreams about Christian Bale

All in all I think this is a pretty great schedule. Realistic. Healthy. Fun. Christian Bale. Ask me about it sometime and with any luck I won't be wearing my pajamas when you do.