Christmas With The Curly Haired Boy

I brought my camera to North Carolina with every intention of click click clicking my way through a lovely Christmas with the curly haired boy and his family. Alas, the camera sat cozy and nestled in my messenger bag for the duration of the trip except for a two hour layover in Balitmore where I took this gem.

You can buy these sperm shoes in the Sky Mall catalog. Why would you want sneakers with the "slick seed of life" logo so lovingly sewn into the side? Because it's cool!

Not all is lost due to my chronic camera neglect. Fortunately, curly haired boy has two sisters who are much better at click click clicking their way through a lovely Christmas than I. Please see the blog links below for their photos of our very delightful holiday:

Christmas Eve Eve

Christmas Eve


P.S. I would like you to take special note of the shadow puppets curly haired boy and I made. Both of us being self-proclaimed non-drawers, we did pretty well, no? Darn tootin' we did.