Happy Birthday, Curly Haired Boy!

As is tradition in Curly Haired Boy's family, when each member of the family has a birthday, everyone dedicates a blog post to the esteemed birthday boy/girl. In honor of such a lovely tradition, I would like to dedicate this post to CHB.

Jacob, when I first saw you in church that Sunday afternoon in Korea, I was knocked plum off my pew by the Holy Spirit of God (or maybe it was the Holy Spirit of Hormones. It's hard to tell). With such a handsome man in my midst how could I do anything but exclaim


Lucky for me, I came to know you and in knowing you found that you are far more than a pretty face. Your heart is where the real beauty lies--it is full, it is honest, it is kind, and it is brimming with the brand of integrity reserved for people like Honest Abe Lincoln and Buddhist monks. In knowing you, my own heart has grown fuller and kinder and more Zen like. What a gift you are. What a surprise. I am compelled once again to exclaim (with vigor!) PraisetheLordgloryhallelujah! Happiest of birthdays to you, J.