Honoring The Integrity Of Our Experience

Wassily Kandinsky, Composition VII, 1913

"We constantly resist not only our grief but also our wild passion and sexuality, our anger, even our exuberance and joy, repressing their free expression. Big feelings overwhelm us. They can easily upset the fragile equilibrium of our lives. We keep a lid on ourselves, till we periodically explode. We don't realize that any deep feeling, pleasurable or painful, can be a wave we surf home into ourselves, into love."
--Arjuna Ardagh

I was talking with CHB this morning and expressing some of the frustrations I'm experiencing in my life right now (CHB is one of my favorite go-to-friends because he is a good listener and reflective which in turn helps me sort out whatever disorder I'm trying to order). Instead of being present with my feelings, I was engaging in some good ol' fashioned self-flagellation with thoughts like, "If I were a better person, I wouldn't be feeling this way." CHB responded, "There is nothing to be ashamed of, we all get frustrated." It's true. We all burn a little too intensely, all ache a little too deeply, all desire a little too passionately, and all exclaim a little too loudly for the taste of our more balanced, prudent selves. But those big feelings are nothing to be ashamed of. If I can honor the integrity of my experiences without judgment or resistance, I think I stand a much better chance of moving through the world with more joy in my limbs and greater love in my heart. What do you think?

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