The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Athena, Goddess of War

Life has been a little too harried lately. Too much chatter and clatter and clamber. Too much movement even for me who can't seem to keep my feet from dancing and twitching at any given moment. I attribute this to the new job I started at the Salt Lake Art Center. Although I love a million little things about the job (the hard working, kind and ferociously intelligent staff, the vibration and energy of an arts environment, the ritualized gestures of the workday: packing my lunch, wearing my fancy clothes), mostly I'm overwhelmed. Over-my-head-whelmed. I understand that part of this comes with new job territory. Yes. But I'm also feeling quite acutely that I'm not cutting it--that the skills and background that I bring to the work table aren't up to par. Feeling this way is monumentally difficult for me. So much of my identity and sense of self-worth is tied up in my academic and career success that when I flail and fail in either of these realms I get very grouchy and very existential (Ask poor CHB who has been patiently attending to my brooding self with positive affirmations and small acts of kindness).

Tired of the brooding, I've decided to organize an internal revolution to oust my ego from its hallowed seat. I want to learn how to beat back my need for external validation so that I can unearth that inside piece of me that speaks resolutely of my intrinsic worth. I think the fight will be bloody and long, but most successful revolutions are such. I've chosen this quote by Marianne Williamson to be my battle mantra:

"Our power doesn't lie in our resume or our connections. Our power doesn't lie in what we've done or even in what we're doing. Our power lies in our clarity about why we're on the earth. We'll be important players if we think that way. And the important players of the coming years will be the people who see themselves as here to contribute to the healing of the world."

What do you think of this quote? How do you cultivate a deeper understanding of your intrinsic worth?
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