Am I Normal?

This was one of the first images that came up on Google when I typed in the word "lonely." M.J., like many of us, no doubt suffered from loneliness and hormone problems.

Do you love how the title of this post sounds like a Judy Blume novel or the title for a 1980s sex education pamphlet? Truth be told, I do want to talk about sex. Sort of. Mostly I want to talk about what it means to be a woman and the hormonal bedlam that occurs inside of our bodies once a month. And when I say bedlam I mean it in the most explicit way possible: emotional chaos, detonated b*tch bombs shooting off shards of neurosis and impatience. In essence, I turn into an angry black woman complete with my own litany of "heeeeeelllll no's!" and "oh no you di'ints"! 

Mostly, I want to talk about feeling lonely because, for me, this is the most difficult side effect of having estrogen dart through my body once a month. During that...special...time, I feel really lonely. And invisible. And inconsequential. Of course I am not alone! Of course I am unique! Of course I am consequential! says my rational brain. But it just.





I want to take an informal poll and find out from my women readers: Have you felt this way, too, during your lady time? How do you deal with these feelings? And, in the spirit of Judy Blume, am I normal?