The Episode Where CHB and Krisanne Survive Rock Canyon!

Ok, so there wasn't really anything to "survive" except for the unidentifiable rat-rabbit hybrid who puttered around our campsite hoping to partake of our tin foil dinners as well as the embarrassment of two male hikers unwittingly sneaking up on me mid-pee. I feel sorry for me. I feel sorrier for them. As for the title--just a cheap ploy to get your attention. Sorry.

In an earlier post written shortly after I set foot in the land of milk and honey, I hailed the merits of Utah Valley, praising everything from the Orem Public Library to hair-friendly low humidity to Cafe Rio. Well, I now have one more merit to add to the list: gorgeous wilderness 10 minutes from my house. "10 minutes?", you ask incredulously. Yes! 10 minutes!

Yesterday, CHB and I decided to leave behind the bustling metropolis that is Provo for a wilderness adventure in Rock Canyon. Here are a few photos from our Friday evening escapades.

This is what happens when I try to fit my 5'3" self into a frame with CHB's 6'3" self.

CHB making our fire. That's my man.

Enjoying the fruits of CHB's labors.

Cool, artsy fire pic.

A bridge.

And a rock.

And, of course, the babbling brook.

Brother Brigham most definitely knew what he was doing when he deemed this stunning Utah wilderness, "the place."