An Evening With Fleet Foot and Foxy

Last night CHB and I cashed in on his birthday gift to me--tickets to the Fleet Foxes at the Red Butte Garden Amphitheater. As far as I'm concerned all concerts everywhere should be performed at outdoor venues on balmy summer evenings.

Photo courtesy of SSG Music

After taking care of a flat tire on our way to the concert, we arrived just in time to meet up with CHB's sister and brother-in-law for the opening act, Alela Diane. Diane is a Portlander (shout out) who sounds like this gorgeous, melodic mix of Gillian Welch and Karen Dalton.

I'm Fleet Foot (because I'm quick and nimble and light on my feet) and CHB is Foxy (because he was born that way)

Our oh-so-foxy concert companions, CHB's sister and her husband

My favorite parts of the evening included watching local celebrity Doug Fabrizio and his wife rock out to the music and the band's mid-concert-request for scrunchies to keep their hair from blowing in the wind. Oh, had I a scrunchy, I would have thrown it on the stage with reckless abandon. 

Our fleet feet

All in all, CHB and I had a grand ol' time. He did konk out towards the end of the evening though, which I think was his way of saying, "They're good, but they're no Indigo Girls."