The Archeology Of Love

I asked a friend recently what he loved about his love. His response:

I love her quick temper. Her curly hair.
I love that her lower lip is bigger than her top lip.
I love her potato toes.
I love the way her voice sounds like dripping water when she whispers to me over the phone.

I couldn't stop thinking about his response. It was so charming. So poetic. I was moved by a description so intimate and particular to her. Our love for someone really is buried in the details of their humanness. Of course we love the big things like the kindness and the sense of humor. But we also love the small things like the way they scrunch up their nose when they're in deep concentration or when they lick their top lip for no particular reason at all. It is an archeologists' task to love someone isn't it? Seeking, unearthing and then reveling in all of the pieces and parts that make them so wholly and ineffably divine.