Ekphrasis: Poetry Confronting Art

Ekphrasis: Poetry confronting art.

About a year ago, I started a blog called A Paper Moth. It was a space for me to write poetic, emotional responses to works of art that I liked. In an effort to streamline and simplify, I've decided to put A Paper Moth to sleep and continue writing ekphrasis here at Bottari. Really, who doesn't like one stop shopping? Before I wax any more poetic, I will first repost all of my previous ekphrasis entries here. I wrote this one for CHB on his birthday last January:

Marc Chagall, Birthday, 1915

What is it to love you? It is my tongue pressing a small piece of strawberry cake to the roof of my mouth (to extend the pleasure of a sweet and fleeting moment). It is my nose inhaling perfumed and gold flecked flowers while my hand grips dripping root and displaced earth. It is my body/your body stretching, bending, twisting as we try to reach needs both spoken and silent. It is the hue of mourning as marked in your ash complexion and my black taffeta dress (with folds crisp enough to hold our past pains and hopes-not-realized). It is my foot over foot over foot stumbling as I try to meet your lips oh so very close almost there. To love you is to labor, to exhale between tensions, to push forward, now floating. It is a celebration (a birthday) for in you I am reborn. For through this we are transformed.