Hope II

Gustav Klimt, Hope, II, 1907-08

I lean back in bed with my leg draped across my knee. I inhale, wide eyed, at the thought that within my body lies infinite abundance. Inside this corporeal encasement--ever subject to scrapes and breaks and potent death--live the seeds of eternity. As any spiritual text worth its salt will tell you: inviting abundance into our lives is a matter of prayer. First is the prayer of two bodies merged: arms reaching, eyes closed, a breath, a declaration. Nine months pass and then comes the prayer of new bodies birthed. Sons and daughters slip like fish from beneath kaleidoscope robes, emerging into the world with arms reaching, eyes closed, a breath, a declaration. And so it goes that our variegated life line cuts unapologetic through a universe flecked gold and green, carving an eternal familial fissure into the speckled space. Our lineage now and forever embedded like jewels humming within the silent cosmos. Ever present in this cycle, from conception to death to beyond, is the prayer of all bodies blessed: An invocation over the human form. A celestial consecration. A Mother uttering gratitude for the manifestation of Her boundlessness. Arms reaching. Eyes closed. A breath. A declaration.