Dancing On A Very Small Island

Brian Kershisnik, Dancing on a Very Small Island, 2007

If you ever invite me to dance on a very small island with you, I will say "Yes, of course, I thought you would never ask!" Our feet will greet the spongy earth with toes eager to kiss the grass and pebbled mud. We will hold hands a little bit sticky with sweat because that's what happens when you swing so boldly through song. A fisherman on his boat will laugh, "Dance like Matisse!" and then snap in approval as we link our nimble fingers and weave our jaunty limbs. We will skip around the edge of the island with velvet peach feet and black rubber boots, waking the sleeping worms below. It is only a matter of time and we slip--our dance is baptized, awash in Prussian blue. What a joy and surprise to dance on a very small island with you!