A Solitary, Superhero Of A Soul

I love to be alone. I love to walk the quieter paths and listen to the crunch and scrape my boots make on the pavement. Walking alone gives me time to talk to my thoughts and, in turn, offer them an opportunity to surprise and provoke me. Getting so caught up in this brainheart conversation sometimes makes me a little drunk and unaware of my surroundings. I always mess with the hangnail on my thumb or pick at my chapped lips when I'm curled up inside of myself. I think this painful grooming is my body's plea for attention; her reminder that I'm still here, still scraping my boots along the pavement, still visible to the tangible world.

Walking alone like this, my body and brain both competing for my attention, I start to wonder how it is that I can exist in two places at once. I exist in an earthbound frame sewn loosely from pieces of carbon and dust but I also exist in a heavenbound soul animated by light and divine breath. I am in both of these places at once. I am a superhero. I am a solitary, superhero of a soul. 

But even my solitary, superhero of a soul (and yours) needs a companion at last--another superhero who leaves in his wake a trail of carbon, dust, light, and divine breath. Someone to scrape along the pavement with me and get so caught up in conversation that both he and I are a little drunk and unaware of our surroundings. A companion that compels me to stop the painful grooming of my outside self because his existence is all the reminder I need that I'm still here, still being brave, still holding my heart visible to this glorious, tangible world.