The Episode Wherein Krisanne and Curly Haired Boy Brave The Big City

New York! Oh that delicious delicious city. CHB and I are home again, and it feels like a blink--a quick gust of wind--and now it's gone. Isn't it funny how a trip across country can, once you've returned, feel light years away?

A view of Chelsea from the High Line

Our days consisted of much eating, shopping, walking, museum strolling, concert going, and subway riding (which inspired CHB's musing, "They should make these subway rides more like roller coasters. More dips and dives...and twists." I totally agree).

I loved the mosaic street signs in the subway stations

Subway Feet

One of the very few times...

we took a moment to rest. 

Although this wasn't my first time in New York City, I was reminded of the spectacular diversity of the people here. In one subway car there seemed to be 12 different countries represented; 20 different languages click clack ticking in my ears; every shade of peach, brown and black; and the most amazing hair. Oh, the hair. Have you seen the Brooklyn dwelling women with their out-to-here 'fros? Stunning.

Lovely ring baubles at the Brooklyn Flea Market. This is my visual metaphor for ethnic diversity (because I didn't have the courage to actually take a picture of those beautiful afro women)

One of the highlights of the trip was our MOMA visit. This was my first experience within those hallowed halls, and I think it made a woman out of me. Yes, I am almost certain that I am officially a woman now. It is incredible to see--in person--the art you've poured over for years.

I think my milkmaid braids fit in quite nicely with these pink jersey cows. 

A color explosion!

Another highlight of the trip was the food which also made a (slightly chubbier) woman out of me. We ate potato, zucchini and cauliflower pizzas, Japanese ramen (that tasted just like the ramen I ate in Japan), Chinese beef noodles, Cambodian pork sandwiches, caramel corn ice cream, peanut butter ginger chews and on and on and on! The loveliest meal, though, was with CHB's parents who came out during the last two days of our trip. They treated us to a show stopping lunch at Gotham Bar and Grill.

Stomach and spirits filled after a lunch at the Gotham Bar and Grill

Slurping Japanese noodles at Tabata

The best bakery in NYC (according to the very knowledgeable CHB and co.)

About to dig in to my bean and cheese pupusas at the Brooklyn Flea market

And of course, a trip to the city wouldn't be complete without the musical razzmatazz. CHB and I went to New York with the express purpose of seeing one of our favorite musicians perform. Jose James is a jazz singer whose voice will break your heart and put it back together again. We sat in a small club, just a few feet away from Jose, and I wanted to cry fat bubble tears into my Bar-B-Que ribs. It was that moving. We also sat several more feet away from Bernadette Peters in a performance of Follies on Broadway. If I look that good at 62 years old...

Waiting for Follies to start. Peek-a-boo!

At the risk of sounding deliriously cheesy, the tallest and cutest part of the trip was CHB. He is a wonderful traveling companion--open, curious, street smart, and selfless (aka he doesn't get too put out by my well seasoned bossiness).

If CHB's personality could be reduced to five words, it would be these: Keep Calm and Carry On

CHB, you are the yang to my yin.
I couldn't have asked for a better big city adventure with anyone other than this utterly delight-full man.