Ten Spaces For Gratitude

Natsumi Hayashi, Levitation 5.18.2011, 2011

Today I am thankful for...

1. You, dear readers, for your wit, empathy, intelligence, nuance, and support. Your contribution to this blog mean so much to me. Thank you.

2. A curious spirit that is endlessly thrilled by opportunities to uncover, dissect, disassemble, reassemble, connect, and unveil.

3. Healthy legs and healthy lungs that take me on adventures near and far.

4. A close circle of friends who are wise and faithful, hopeful and creative, inspired and inspiring.

5. A family composed of members who are quirky, hilarious, optimistic, supportive, grounded and endlessly loving.

6. A Curly Haired Boy who seeks peace, creation, collection, faith, innovation, and me. I really love that he seeks me.

7. Nature: A bower bird's nest, tiny neon Jelly Fish, hazelnut shells, a starling murmuration

8. Food: Sweet sticky rice with mango, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, spicy ginger candy, honeycrisp apples, roasted parsnips, gooey brie cheese

9. Art: conceptualized, collaged, installed, painted, splattered, carved, spoken, danced, folded, exploded, hidden, hung, buried, printed

10. God. A divine that weaves itself through my DNA, my cells, my toes, the chunks of rock and dirt in the ground beneath me. A divine that lives in my pumping heart, in my cupped hand, in my sleepy eyes, and in my hopeful inhale. A divine that manifests itself in each person, animal, food, and object in numbers 1-9. For that everpresent God I am the MOST grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving!