Things I Do Not Like (A Confession)

Chocolate Ganache Torte, you tempt me not

Do you know those things that everybody else seems to like but for which you just can't cast your vote? Well, in an act of confession, I've decided to offer up a short list of things I do not like (that everybody else seems to like):

1. I do not like playing games. There. I said it. I think this makes me anti-American or, at the very least, a threat to the traditional family. Granted there are a few exceptions to this rule as there are with every rule (Go Cranium!), but by and large I just do not enjoy playing games. It awakens within me the most hideous expression of an otherwise dormant competitor. I do not like to lose, and I boil when I do. I suppose I could force myself to play games in an attempt learn good sportsmanship but really I'm too busy working on my more immediate flaws. If you invite me to play a game with you, I probably will play out of courtesy but please know that I am un-enjoying every minute of it.

2. I do not like chocolate desserts. Candy bars aside, I am not fond of chocolate sweets: chocolate mousse, chocolate torte, or that rich double double back flip chocolate cake that no one can resist. Me? Pass the apple cobbler please.

3. I do not like taking baths. I lay (lie?) there in that delicious hot, bubbly water for about 5 minutes and then begin thinking of 1 million things I would rather be doing. Also I am anti-prune hands, and those wrinkled fingertips are part and parcel of bath taking.

4. I do not like relaxing at tropical locals. I think my aversion to tropical vacations is similar to my bath aversion. I lie (lay?) on the beach for about 5 minutes and then begin thinking of 1 million things I would rather be doing that don't involve fancy umbrella drinks or hang gliding.

I am so curious...are there things you dislike that everyone around you seems to adore?